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David Arkenstone Barnett is a photographer / painter / singer
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Bio: David Arkenstone Barnett is a photographer / painter / singer and metaphysical entrepreneur who resides in the town of Kaiapoi. Originally from London England David’s art is based on his metaphysical beliefs and experiences gained from his travels and research around the world and is based on two distinctly contrasting themes, that being ‘linear abstract’ and ‘constellation pieces’. Predominantly known in NZ for his work in Ufology (the research of UFO’s), David’s direction in life has been one of personal development and self-discovery, and this very much shows in his original art pieces from the ‘Constellation series’.

For many years now, David has been researching into the fabled city of Atlantis and has come up with a profoundly new hypothesis on this legendary civilization which incredibly includes New Zealand. David has for many years now lectured and holds many group discussions about Atlantis in and around New Zealand.

Business Phone Number: 0223281924
Business Address: 9 Sovereign Boulevard Kaiapoi 7630
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Liselle Silver – Animal artist
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I’m a Kaiapoi first home owner with a passion for pets. It’s been my focus for a long time to create an affordable range of pet portraits that capture the essence and personality of your pet. I can work with any animal, all I need is some of your favourite photos. I have recently branched into creating hand made dog collars, leashes, horse reins and other equestrian equipment.

With over 50 colours to work with, many different clips and extra’s I can make the perfect ensemble for your beloved animals.

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Mark Larsen
Business Name: Mark Larsen
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Multi-media art for Mark is a balance between creative instinct and technical skill.  Mark works with a variety of opposing, yet complimentary mediums providing a balance of harmonious achievement and creative accomplishment.

Where Mark’s paintings portray meticulous realism, his sculptures take on a more fluid and contemporary form. Successful execution offers a strong sense of personal fulfilment, creating lifelong pleasure for both himself and the viewer.

Mark is mostly inspired by nature’s flora and fauna. He also takes stimulus from a range of artists including his 2nd great-grandfather, Samuel Horatio Moreton (1842-1921). Mark focuses attention on his interpretation of these visual stimuli and works to show an emotional connection within each of his art pieces.

Mark has achieved a number of awards for both his public and private art commissions, as well as within the sign-writing industry.  Mark sells his artworks locally, nationally and internationally.

Business Phone Number: 027 527 7361
Business Address: Clarkville, Waimakariri
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Carol Moffatt
Business Name: Carol Moffatt
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I paint both watercolours and oils.


“The world around me is where I draw my ideas and inspiration from.  Trees, mountains and water together with plants and flowers that live in the environment along with music, create my spiritual world.  When I paint I want to capture the wonders that surround us and in turn ask the viewer in to use their own imagination and experiences to make sense and meaning for themselves.

The atmosphere and mystery help create paintings because of the beauty all around us.  I am continually looking for ways to push the boundaries and find the light.  Our New Zealand South Island landscapes provide an infinite source of ideas and material.

I have been so fortunate to learn from great teachers who have helped me enormously.  I take far more risks now and am constantly learning and experimenting.  Painting is a joyful and happy experience which I am privileged to share. “

Instagram:  carolmoffattartist

Business Phone Number: 0274389025
Business Address: 5 Rapley Street, Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi
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Amy Hoedemakers 
Business Name: Amy Hoedemakers 
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On the northern edge of the Canterbury Plains, you will find Amy Hoedemakers and her studio. Nestled in the natural landscape that provides much of the inspiration for her abstract landscape paintings, this established artist creates atmospheric paintings that allow the viewer to enter and wander within.

Her work is familiar to aspects of the New Zealand landscape, yet not entirely obvious to specific places. Capturing the dreamy, dramatic and mystical quality, that is the New Zealand landscape. The water appears translucent as though we can see through it to what lies beneath and what’s there is left to our imagination. We are compelled to look into the deep dark pools of her paintings and are drawn in towards luminous colour. We can see where she has scraped back the paint and applied more, creating exquisite, transparent layers. She allows the paint to run and yet there is no doubt that the runs are part of the landscape. Her paintings draw us in, inviting us to linger, leaving behind our busy lives for a moment. Amy’s painting’s give us a glimpse into another world, a sanctuary, a place to rest.

“My painting is always evolving,” Amy says. “I think as you grow as a person your work changes too. It’s quite reflective in that aspect.”

 She has exhibited in solo and group shows locally and internationally. Her work is held in private and public collections within New Zealand, Ireland, England and Australia. Her painting ‘Waiting’ was featured in ‘Craigs Investment Partners Calendar, 2015’ for emerging and emerged artists and more recently she was a finalist for the Zonta Ashburton Female Art Award 2018.

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Business Address: 10A Weka Street Oxford 
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Russ Campbell Artist
Business Name: Russ Campbell Artist
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I have been interested for over 25 years in creating paintings that are bold, contemporary, quirky, innovative, inspiring, energetic, fun.
Viewers are invited to move their eyes around the artwork whether it is my impressionist landscapes or my “abstracts with pictures” discovering little treasures!
Love texture, making marks with thick paint, even adding items.
Enjoy challenges, constantly developing new ideas, and keen to experiment especially with my abstract artworks.
I love chatting, having a laugh with people who inspire me with their stories.
Please contact me to arrange a visit to my studio (gives me time to tidy up Lol)
10am till 3pm Wednesday to Sunday
Thanks for taking a look

Business Phone Number: 021 2506397
Business Address: 7 Picton Place, Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi
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Arts trail Info – days and times open : 10am till 3pm Wednesday to Sunday – Please contact me to arrange a visit to my studio (gives me time to tidy up Lol) 021 2506397
Kris Waldin
Business Name: Kris Waldin
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Kris was born in Christchurch in 1971 and studied art and design at Christchurch Polytechnic, graduating in 1992 with a diploma of Visual Communications. She has since worked as a graphic designer and illustrator before taking up painting full-time in 2010.

She works from her studio in Summerhill overlooking the Oxford Ranges and is often out walking in the local landscape or down at the Rakahuri River and this inspires much of her work. A landscape and botanical artist at heart Kris has recently been exploring figurative drawing and abstract painting.

Kris loves drawing in a range of mediums and paints predominantly in acrylic and watercolour. She has recently taken up printmaking, creating intricate drypoints and embossed prints of still lives, family heirlooms and found objects from the local environment.

Kris’s work has recently featured as part of the Avis ‘Art of Discovery’ ad campaign with her semi-abstract landscapes of Banks Peninsula.

Her work is currently available through Art Box Gallery in Christchurch, Arts in Oxford Gallery and online at

Instagram link
Art of Discovery
Felt online store

Business Phone Number: 021 228 7388
Business Address: 35 Leslies Road, Cust, Rangiora
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Ruby Whitty
Business Name: Ruby Whitty
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Born in UK, Came to NZ in 1975. I am a member of Arts Canterbury, Rangiora Art Society and the Kaiapoi art section of the KWMC.

I have always loved art even from a young age. I have tried all mediums and settled on Acrylics and on some occasions Oils. I have had no training so taught myself by reading books and experimentation.

I work from photos. I have family and friends all over the world who send them to me.

I have had paintings published in Australian artist magazine and the NZ artist magazine. I have sold paintings in NZ, England Australia and the USA. I have won several awards over the years.

I haven’t  any one particular style as I like to vary my subjects and paint as the mood takes me.

Business Phone Number: 033279571 or 0210578232
Business Address: 40 Feldwick Drive, Kaiapoi, 7630
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Arts trail Info – days and times open : Ruby isn’t part of the Arts trail, however if you wish to purchase her artwork, please make contact
Annie Guise
Business Name: Annie Guise
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A childhood in Central Otago and a lifetime of enjoyment from arts and crafts has given me a natural sense of colour, texture, light and landscape.

My passion is to use the medium of oils to create stunning paintings that will delight the hearts of lovers of this beautiful land with its rugged vistas.

I am privileged to live surrounded by what I love to paint.

Business Phone Number: 021473203
Business Address: 8 Chesterfield Place, Rangiora
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Angela Doig
Business Name: Angela Doig
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Angela Doig (Whyte) was born on the West Coast of New Zealand in 1990, shifting to North Canterbury with her family in 2005 where she is now based.

She enjoys being able to express herself creatively, by means of various subject matter, mediums, colour and techniques.

She is mostly self-taught as an artist, in 2010 attaining a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication).

Business Phone Number: 02108238022
Business Address: Woodend – Details on request
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Arts trail Info – days and times open : Woodend – Details on request – Ph. 02108238022