When it comes to buying art the process is very different…
When you buy a couch or a chair or a TV, you buy it because you like it …where as with art you buy it because you love it.

Why not buy art direct from the artist, visit them in their studio, art collectors want to learn what drives the artist, with a growing number of collectors wanting to hear the artists stories, potentially buy at a time when the artist is still developing, before the price of the art work goes up, online sales receiving increased attention, given the significant opportunity to connect with and cultivate new collectors –
One collector who reported spending $10,000–$24,000 on art annually noted, “[When] I started, I bought things that I could afford that really spoke to me, and then luckily as my potential grew, so did my art purchases.”

Artist2U is the perfect link between art collectors and artists.


Some would say “Selling art is hard”, well we will show you how we sell our artwork all around the world.

Artwork is not like a fridge or an arm chair, things you need.

Artwork is something you have to love.

Setting up a Website, Pinterest, Instagram, facebook pages… these are now crucial elements to build your art business.

Before to sell your artwork you were represented by a gallery and they would have the contacts and visitors to their gallery to sell your artwork and that’s still the case.

However you can assist to lift your profile by building your online presence. I look at some prices on Artwork and ask, why and how did they get the huge price…its all about building your brand… and you can either leave that for a gallery to do … OR … you can take control and do it yourself. Lets face it, if you are the best person to sell your brand, if you want to make a living from selling your artwork, you want to feed your family, you best get your head around doing social media and at the very least have your art work featured on Art directories.

We have been Artists since 2001, we went full time in 2003, our art work is in private collections and museums in 15 countries. We are going to share with you how we have built our Arts profile.

Come along and enjoy the journey of being a full time artist. if you want to make contact please call on the number at the top of the website or message us below:

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